Three ways to style espadrilles this summer

Posted on July 16, 2021

One of the very best parts of my job is receiving boxes of brand-new footwear from my fabulous suppliers in Spain. I know how happy these shoes and boots make my customers, and it’s a pleasure to open the boxes and check the contents before dispatching them out! This week I’ve received a delivery of stunning summer espadrilles and it really is perfect timing. We’re set for some hot, sunny weather, so the right clothes and footwear are essential for keeping cool. 

Espadrilles are one of my all-time favourite summer shoe styles, no doubt due to spending 25 years in Spain and developing a love for the country’s heritage! Espadrilles have strong historical ties to the Catalan region and the Basque country in Spain and were typical summer footwear for men and women as far back as the 14th century. They became a fashion staple in the 1940s thanks to the character played by Lauren Bacall in the film Key Largo wearing ankle-laced espadrilles. Then Yves Saint Laurent developed a wedge version in the 1970s which we all know and love today.

I believe espadrilles are the perfect smart/casual summer shoe for holidays and balmy evenings here in the UK. Ours are handcrafted using traditional techniques and even include padded insoles to make sure they are super comfortable to wear. I have pairs with sequins and suede or metallic leather or fabric straps, so you’re sure to find something which catches your eye! Having spent a lot of time wearing espadrilles and seeing how those stylish Spanish ladies wear them, here are my top 3 ways to wear espadrilles this summer for a perfect warm weather look.

1. Slim-legged and smart

Whilst we’re enjoying a heatwave at the moment, we all know that a British summer doesn’t guarantee constant sunshine. If the temperatures are due to dip and you still want to rock a stylish ensemble, a pair of colourful slim-leg jeans – perhaps slightly cropped? – paired with a simple white cotton or linen shirt could be just the trick. Finish with a pair of espadrilles and have a lightweight sweater or cardigan tucked in your bag in case you get chilly. 

2. Chino shorts when the mercury rises

When the next heatwave comes (and we’re confident we will get plenty more before summer is out!) you’ll probably want to go bare-legged. A comfortable pair of chino or cotton shorts will keep you cool and work perfectly with a flowy, embellished kaftan-style top. Swap daytime flip flops for espadrille wedges and pop a pair of statement earrings in, and you’re ready for whatever the evening brings. 

3. When it’s time for a summer dress

If we see record-breaking temperatures this summer, or you’re lucky enough to be heading to somewhere hot, you might find that the only thing that’s comfortable to wear out and about is a loose dress. Whatever your style – a long and flowing maxi length, a chic midi dress or a summery mini dress – a pair of light and easy-to-wear espadrilles will help finish your outfit perfectly. The wedge heel helps lengthen and shape your legs to give you a little extra confidence to show some leg! 

Take a closer look at my collection of summer espadrilles here and please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions at all. In the meantime, enjoy this fabulous weather!