Get ready for autumn style with made to measure boots!

Posted on August 15, 2021

Even though I’m writing this smack bang in the middle of the school holidays, and as we welcome the return of sunnier weather after a cool and rainy spell, my mind is turning to autumn style. We’re only weeks away from those first autumnal days now and the leaves starting to change. There has been a distinct chill to the air recently which hints at the shift in the seasons soon to come.

While I love all the seasons, including long, lazy summer days and balmy evenings spent alfresco, autumn is very special. There’s something magical about walking the dogs as the early morning mist and dew burns off to reveal blue skies and glorious fall colours. At the other end of the day the drawing of the evenings can be an excuse to totally relax; lighting a scented candle and curling up on the sofa to read or indulge in easy-to-watch TV. 

Autumn fashion is on the horizon

The changing of the seasons means changing fashions too. Floaty dresses and light linens get washed and packed away and we unfold cashmere and wool sweaters to check if the moths stayed away during the summer months. That also means the return of autumn footwear and it won’t surprise you to hear that makes me very happy indeed. It means long boots are back! As the name suggests, helping my customers find their perfect pair of boots is my mission.

In the past 10 years, knee-length Spanish-style boots have become an iconic element of country and equestrian style, being sported by stylish women of all ages and pairing beautifully with jeans, skirts and dresses. They are comfortable, versatile and with the right TLC will last for years. It’s no wonder they’ve become so popular and in demand. 

A stressful struggle

But I know that, for some women, buying boots can be a stressful and disappointing experience. Some of my customers come to me because they want to make sure that if they invest several hundred pounds in a pair of beautiful suede boots, they want them to fit like a glove. Even just a slightly too tight or loose boot just won’t cut it. Some women come to me because they can’t make an off the shelf pair of boots work at all. We’re all different and some have legs which are shorter, longer, bigger or thinner than the ‘normal’ size. Other people have one foot larger than the other or even one leg longer than the other. Whatever your shape or size, you certainly shouldn’t have to go without! 

How to get boots that really fit

So, if you want boots that really fit, what can you do? Use my made to measure boots service, of course! We’re all different so our boots should be too. If you’re investing in your dream suede Spanish-style long boots, you want to make sure they fit you perfectly. That’s where our made to measure service comes in. We take 11 different measurements from your legs and feet, which can all be done at home and sent to me so there’s no need to visit the Cotswolds. After choosing your boot style, heel shape, material and colour, all the information is sent to my amazing Spanish bootmakers to be brought to life. 6 or so weeks later, your very own made to measure boots arrive in the UK. How wonderful is that?

So, if you’ve always dreamed of a pair of perfectly-fitted suede Spanish-style long boots, this is your chance. And there’s more good news! I’m taking 20% off bespoke boot orders placed throughout August. That makes getting a pair of made to measure boots very good value for money indeed! Fill our your measurement form here and get inspiration on Instagram here